A Neck Lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to create a more youthful-looking neck and jawline. It’s done to provide a better definition to the neck and the jaw angle by removing some of the fat and by tightening the muscles along the neck. The surgery can correct the skin laxity, eliminate sagging skin and help achieve a more youthful neck look.

The surgery can also fix visible muscle banding in the neck and correct double chin caused by aging. The procedure is also helpful in extreme weight loss that has caused extra skin folds. You can also choose minimally invasive surgeries like a neck thread lift that involves minimal incisions and threads placed under the skin to rejuvenate and lift the neck. It’s also possible to undergo a neck lift without surgery using a combination of energy technology or injectables. Consider a nonsurgical neck lift if you desire results without the hassle of going under the knife. 

A face and neck lift is the usual pairing of procedures to achieve a more aesthetic look that hides the aging process and rejuvenates the entirety of the facial area.


If you wish to restore the elasticity of the skin on your neck, then this surgery is for you. There are several reasons why you may have worn-out neck skin;
- Aging
- Genetics
- Physical trauma on the neck
- Lack of exercise
- Drastic weight loss
- Over-exposure to the sun
- A botched surgery

During your neck lift Dubai consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss why you need the surgery and what you hope to achieve. If you choose to have a face and neck lift surgery, you will discuss how both will benefit your appearance. You will also discuss the surgery process and everything involved until your recovery. You should be completely open with the doctor about your expectations, concerns, and habits. Your medical history will be evaluated to determine your candidacy for the surgery. The doctor will also take photos of your face & neck to see the difference after the surgery.

If you choose to have nonsurgical neck lift surgery, your surgeon will discuss available options that may be best suited for you. Neck lift without surgery is now becoming a standard procedure due to advancements in technology. Make sure you ask your doctor what specific method will be best for the desired results.

There are specific guidelines that the doctor will advise you to follow before your neck lift Dubai, like maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, stopping smoking at least three weeks before the surgery, strictly avoiding anti-inflammatory drugs or medicines, having aspirin so that the risk of excess bleeding is reduced.

Neck lift can be done with sedation and local anesthesia or under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

Depending on the degree of change you'd like to see, your neck lift choices include a traditional neck lift incision or a limited incision neck lift.

A traditional neck lift incision often begins in the hairline at the level of the sideburn, continues down and around the ear and ends in the posterior hair. Fat may be sculpted or redistributed from the jowls and neck. The tissue underlying the neck skin is repositioned, and commonly the platysma muscle is tightened. Skin is re-draped over the uplifted contours and excess skin is trimmed away. A separate incision under the chin is often necessary for liposuction of this area and for repair of the muscle. Sutures or skin adhesives close the incisions.

A limited incision neck lift may involve incisions only around the ear. While the incisions are shorter, the results may be more limited.

Incision lines are closed with sutures and perhaps skin glue. Sutures may be dissolving or may need to be removed after a few days. Once healed, the incision lines from a neck lift are usually well concealed within the hairline and in the natural contours of the ear.

If you choose to undergo a neck thread lift, the procedure uses only six or seven small incisions for inserting thin threads into the skin. The threads are anchored to the ligaments underneath the skin, suspended upward, and tightened. The procedure only takes about an hour, and it can be done with local anesthesia alone.

Following the surgery, a bandage might be placed around your face to minimize swelling and bruising. Small tubes may be present to draw off any excess blood or fluid. You may experience mild to moderate pain, drainage from the incisions, swelling, bruising, or numbness. Your surgeon will prescribe medication to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection.

Drainage pipes will be removed after two days of the surgery. Bandages and sutures will be removed after five days of the surgery.

To have successful, long-lasting neck lift Dubai results, follow these;

- Take pain medication and apply ointment as per prescription.
- Keep your head elevated while resting or sleeping.
- Avoid strenuous activities
- Do not apply ice to the neck as this can compromise blood flow and result in skin death.

It is important to attend follow-up appointments with your doctor to keep track of your progress.

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