Facial Treatments

We understand that every skin is unique and so are its need. We analyze your skin and curate a customized facial treatment plan for you. These facial therapies aim at nurturing and revitalizing your skin. Some of our facial therapies are also performed on other part of the body like back, stomach, hands, legs, and butt.

Both men and women can benefit from our wide range of facial therapies and addresses common conditions such as signs of aging, acne scars, wrinkles, lines etc and give the skin radiance and glow it truly deserves.

Facial Treatments?

- Improves blood circulation
- Exfoliates the skin
- Hydrates the skin
- Cleans pores and removes dead skin cells

Our Treatments

The normal facial is aimed at cleaning your pores, exfoliating dead skin cells, and treating common skin concerns with a custom mask. This facial treatment will moisturize skin and improve the appearance of your skin.

An innovative facial treatment that uses the power of hydrotherapy to rejuvenate facial skin from within. It also makes use of the ultrasound energy & hyaluronic acid to detoxify and cleanse the skin in a deep manner. It exfoliates, hydrates, infuses nutrients, removes blackheads, reduces pores, oxygenates, improves skin texture, enhances collages and elastin and much more.

This treatment is to Oxygenate, Exfoliate & Infuse. It improves skin tone, evens texture, and nourishes the complexion giving a balanced healthy glow. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

This Treatment contains active ingredients which provide an intensive, anti-ageing treatment with an immediate effect. It stimulates the organism defense mechanisms to effectively combat the factors that accelerate skin ageing. During the treatment sessions the skin becomes visibly younger, smooth, and uniform. Wrinkles and fine lines fade, reducing skin imperfections. The result is a rejuvenated, glowing skin.

A combination of facial therapy with mesopen or mesotherapy depending upon your skin. This treatment helps is boosting collagen and elastin production which makes your skin look younger and gives a glowing skin.

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