Gary Motykie

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, is a highly skilled specialist in breast surgery, body contouring, rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation, as well as numerous other cosmetic surgical procedures. Aside from his exemplary work within his practice, Dr. Motykie has participated in a number of humanitarian projects and was recently honored with the Physician Recognition Award, from the Celebrate Life Foundation, for helping breast cancer survivors live life beyond cancer.

Dr. Motykie trained in plastic surgery at the University of Texas where he performed surgery at one of the top cancer and burn reconstruction facilities in the world. During this time, Dr. Motykie was also fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and work with some of the top cosmetic plastic surgeons in Miami. Throughout this time, Dr. Motykie continued to present his work nationally and he authored numerous journal articles and scientific papers on a wide variety of plastic surgical topics.

Dr. Motykie has an undergraduate degree in Bio-Medical Engineering, which included work in designing artificial organs and prosthetic limbs, as well as a doctorate of medicine from Northwestern University. After training in plastic surgery at the University of Texas, he completed an Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills.

For the past 18 years, he has also been involved in personal fitness training and competitive bodybuilding. Today, he continues his dedication to daily exercise and weight training and enjoys exploring contemporary ways to enhance his physique and health.


  • Rhinoplasty
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Facial Fat Grafting
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Profile Balancing
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Implant Removal and Replacement and numerous other cosmetic surgical procedures
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